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A Story Where Carla wasn't Eren Real mother where Eren mother is the holder of the strongest Titan a story where she try's to find her baby who was stolen from her from her own elder. Genshin Impact x reader Characters: Zhongli, Diluc, Childe Type: headcanons Genre: fluff, maybe a bit of angst in the end if you squint Part 2 Zhongli While you were pregnant, he was the sweetest spouse ever. He did the biggest part of the housework, only letting you do the easiest tasks like folding sheets. ↬ kaeya ࿐ ࿔ ( the first time he kisses your hand ) ... # xiao x reader , # itto x reader , # kaeya x reader , # this took me like 4 hrs . me: writes itto in 2 hrs . also me: writes xiao in 30 mins, # the way my eyebrows shot off my face when i almost closed without saving it </3,. oak grove library center reset ableton template. column is of type but expression is of type text.

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Son x mother reader Gine is a woman of average height and slender build. She has a lighter-pale skin complexion, onyx eyes, and shaggy black hair reaching her shoulders. Her hair bears a resemblance to her eldest son Raditz', except much shorter and with bangs. She wore a.

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