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Do you have to take all your clothes off for a colonoscopy

This type of clothing can be left on during the X-ray. X-ray of the back (includes thoracic and lumbar region) Please wear clothing without metal buttons or zips down the centre of the back. If applicable, please do not wear a bra with metal fastenings. Skirts, tracksuit bottoms and shirts can all be left on during the X-ray.

Your body is completely covered during the exam. You may be wondering how much of your body is exposed during a colonoscopy. But don’t worry about being embarrassed or exposed — you will wear a hospital gown, and a sheet provides extra covering. Rest assured that, during the procedure, your gastroenterologist will be focused on a monitor displaying the inside of your colon, not on your backside. It goes by quickly and you’ll meet with your gastroenterologist following the procedure..

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A woman should be allowed to wear something to cover her chest for a colonoscopy. All medical facilities should provide patients with colonoscopy shorts that only expose their buttocks. You could also wear a pair of boxers backwards if the medical facility does not have colonoscopy shorts.

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